In my Daily Life FMJ

FMJ International is permeating everyone's daily life with fashion.
It is growing into a clothing company that moves with the world.
We will provide it at a reasonable price and make it with the idea of wearing it together.

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We will make clothes thinking about you.

FEPL researches and develops high-quality fabrics and materials and its own designs that are creative, original,
and popular with the public, and manufactures and produces its own products.
This makes them show a reasonable price range without unnecessary bubbles.

    • [FEPL] Stay Alone Graphic Short-sleeve T-shirt 4 types JDST1358
    • 21.58 USD  
    • [FEPL] Slow Slumber Short-sleeve T-shirt 4 types YKST1359
    • 21.58 USD  
    • [FEPL] 7 types of double layer slit Short-sleeve T-shirt SJST1357
    • 16.50 USD  
    • [FEPL] Lance Graphic Short-sleeve T-shirt 4 types YKST1355
    • 21.58 USD  
    • [FEPL] Demand Relax Cotton Pants 4 Types KYLP1342
    • 33.17 USD  
    • [FEPL] Enough Boy Short-sleeve T-shirt 4 types KYST1356
    • 21.58 USD  

Buy one? Get the good one!

JEMUT, which started with the motto of 'Buy one? Get the good one!',
is not a passing fad, but a brand that strives to make clothes that you will like more over time,
carefully selecting everything from classic designs and fabrics that can be loved for a long time to subsidiary materials used in products.

    • [JEMUT] Cargo large half pants 4 types Khaki YHSP2425
    • 33.17 USD  
    • [JEMUT] Stay overfit Short Sleeves T-shirt Deep green SOST2339
    • 20.75 USD  
    • [JEMUT] Novel stitch overfit Short Sleeves T-shirt 3 types OYST2415
    • 24.50 USD  
    • [JEMUT] Bead Short Sweatpants 4 Types SOSP2420
    • 24.08 USD  
    • [JEMUT] Dino Wide Cotton Short Pants 7 Types KJSP2421
    • 31.50 USD  
    • [JEMUT] Stay overfit Short Sleeves T-shirt Dark Navy SOST2339
    • 20.75 USD  

lIt draws a pure image like a child does.

In these days when you are forced to mature without being prepared,
we would like to create clothing that could subtly reveal the hidden innocence for you,
who still have grumbles, pranks, and unintentional actions.
We will cheer for your innocence with a design that is basic but not boring, and unique but not unusual.

    • [WV Project] Retrod Short Sleeves T-shirt 4 types JIST7594
    • 20.75 USD  
    • [WV Project] Code Short Pants 4 Types MJSP7600
    • 26.58 USD  
    • [WV Project] Track Patch Short Sleeves T-shirt 3 Pieces JIST7601
    • 23.25 USD  
    • [WV Project] Deep Tuck loose fit Tapered Banding Pants 4 types SHLP7606
    • 31.58 USD  
    • [WV Project] Cooking Baguette Bag 2 Types KMBG7575
    • 24.83 USD  
    • [WV Project] Stevie Bear Short Sleeves T-shirt 3 types JJST7596
    • 23.25 USD  

It gives variety with the new slogan 'THE WORTH NOW' and contains a deeper story.

It means 'This is the most valuable moment',
and contains the motto, 'Cherish and enjoy the present moment'.
Please meet TWN, which feels like a street-based free and stylish mania..

    • [TWN] Synergy Short-sleeve 4 types JEST3444
    • 23.25 USD  
    • [TWN] One-off Short-sleeve 5 types LMST3450
    • 23.25 USD  
    • [TWN] Craft Short Sleeve Shirt 2 Types LMSS3433
    • 28.25 USD  
    • [TWN] Roman wide cotton pants 4 types JELP3434
    • 29.08 USD  
    • [TWN] Magny Short-sleeve 5 types STST3446
    • 23.25 USD  
    • [TWN] Innerf Short Pants 4 Types JESP3430
    • 26.58 USD  

Apparel Essentials

  • [JEMUT] Rogue overfit napping Hood 7 types YHHD2302
  • 27.58 USD   29.08 USD 5%
  • [TWN] Milk Mix Fleece Zip up Jacket 6 types SHOT3410
  • 27.42 USD  
  • [JEMUT] Ent two-way Hoodies zip up KJHD2272
  • 32.42 USD  
  • Double Cotton Plain Short Sleeve 19 Types KHST1011
  • 13.25 USD  
  • [FEPL] Two-way Essential Hoodies zip up 8 types SJHD1280
  • 31.58 USD  
  • [JEMUT] Tori overfit chain Short T shirts YHST2298
  • [Planned Special Price]
  • 14.92 USD